¿Cómo elegir un acabado?

How to choose a finish?

Design is in the details and choosing a finish for the tools in your home is key.

It can be the difference between the room "working" or not feeling quite right. So how do you choose the right finish? The fashion world touts hard and fast rules like "Never wear stripes and checks together!" or "No socks with sandals!", but there's no set of rules for choosing a home design finish. That can make it one of the most challenging aspects of putting together a room.

Tip #1: Let the room guide you

"The first step is to take a look at the overall design of the space. Do we use flush doors? Are the doors white or painted one color? Once the general tone for the interior is set, we select the hardware model and the finish according to the aesthetics", affirmed DKOR Interiors. While not a hard and fast rule, there is a general association between certain styles and finishes. Is your design contemporary or transitional? Rustic? Traditional?

Finishes with a white base color, such as satin nickel, polished nickel, and chrome, tend to be used in contemporary and transitional design work.

Yellow tones in a finish have a close association with traditional design themes. Brass finishes and French antiques fit well in this style.

Don't forget about the texture of a finish! Is it shiny, brushed or sandblasted? For example, a rustic design theme relies on natural materials with an unrestrained look and warm feel, so a sand material would fit the bill.

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to mix finishes

"Recently, in our project, A Contemporary Moody Home, we used a mix of gold and silver finishes. The aim was to appease the different age groups in the home and, in turn, helped to foster the concept of a one-ambiance home. elegant and simple contemporary". declared DKOR Interiors. While mixing finishes takes a lot of planning, the payoff can be great. Choosing two different finishes for a room can create a very dynamic and bold look, or it can give you an unpretentious feeling of life.

Tip #3: Make it your own

Look everywhere for inspiration, and don't be afraid to throw the rules (or helpful tips) out the window to make the design your own. "We constantly seek inspiration from unusual sources and hardware is without a doubt a very important detail in the final design. Accessories are often the pieces that tie a space together," DKOR Interiors.

At the end of the day, choose the finish that you like best. Choose what catches your eye and your design will always feel right at home.

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