Conviértete rápidamente en un experto en puertas pivotantes

Quickly become an expert in pivot doors

Pivot doors have gone from rarely seen to being in high demand by architects, manufacturers and installers looking to lighten and enliven their spaces. Pivot doors fitted with FritsJurgens hardware provide an easy-to-install and flexible solution for unlimited combinations of pivot door designs.

The adoption of the pivot door can be attributed to its aesthetic and functional advantages and to the innovation of the fittings.

The fact that the FritsJurgens pivot fittings completely snap into the door adds project flexibility and cost savings with project management as the doors can be fully installed in the last minute and within hours.

(Designed by ENZO architectuur & interieur)

Revolutionary solution in your hands

Adding a heavy-duty latching feature within your pivot door allows for a truly transformative design element, offering smooth, controlled movement as an added dimension to the overall design of your door and its surrounding space.

The inherent design and aesthetic opportunities that pivot doors offer architects are a major factor that make pivot doors so desirable today. However, it is just as important to them the additional freedom and flexibility that these doors bring to the management of their projects.

This even appeals to door manufacturers and installers, who can now fully design and build pivot doors in their own workshops, assemble all hardware and install it at the last minute of construction.

(PHD GROUP Australia pivot door. Bau Power Group project. Photo by The Picture Desk)

Flexible project and facility management

Managing pivot door projects with pre-existing technologies was not an easy task. Installing a pivot door required extensive coordination, planning, resources and complex installations, and the various areas had to work seamlessly together during the various phases of the project.

Often, no one wanted to deal with the intricacies involved in installing the traditional ground-anchored door. With faulty installations and frequent teardowns, the pivot door was problematic and complex to plan and install. Now everything has changed.

(Door design by Vahle Door. Photography by Lars Ditlev Pedersen)

We have taken on the challenge of transforming an obstacle into a time-efficient, cost-effective and modern approach to installing pivot doors: install the equipment inside the door .

This virtually eliminates the need for coordination between different phases of construction and provides flexibility for the pivot door in new and retrofit projects.

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