Athmer installation

Find all the necessary information related to the installation of our door seals.

Simple installation

Installing a door seal is very simple and effective.

Schall-Ex® L-15 Door Seal

The new generation of seals can also be installed much faster and therefore more cost-effectively.

Thanks to a standard sliding actuator mechanism that can be adjusted without tools, it is no longer necessary to invest time in fitting a protective pressure plate, even on lacquered wooden frames.

Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS Door Seal

For highly soundproof double rebate doors and flush doors with additional rebate with a gross dimension of only 8 x 30 mm specially developed for the second sealing level.

Schall-Ex L-15/30 WS Pivot Door Seal

Frameless swing doors are mainly used in offices and prestigious buildings, as well as in private homes.

Architects use them as an elegant solution for large, heavy doors or as an alternative to movable partition systems.