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How do I select the correct pivot hinge for my project?

The location of the pivot point and the desired functionalities determine which pivot system best suits your project, as well as the length/width, height, thickness and weight of your doors.

You can always contact our customer service to give you a recommendation.

What is the product number or identifier?

The product number is the unique identification number of our products. This always starts with 'ST' for a complete set.

What is the maximum weight that FritsJurgens systems can support?

The maximum load capacity of FritsJurgens hinges is 500 kilograms. FritsJurgens has developed hinges suitable for almost any width and weight combination.

What is the minimum and maximum thickness of a door?

The minimum thickness of a door is 40 mm. There is no maximum thickness in principle.

Note: The thicker the door, the greater the space between the wall and the door must be to allow the door to swing. Use our gap calculator: /gap calculator

Can I also place multiple doors next to each other?

Yes, you can place multiple doors next to each other. Pay special attention to the space between the doors: they must be able to rotate freely.

Is the product suitable for use in coastal areas?

The fact that FritsJurgens hinges have the highest level of corrosion resistance (level 5) according to EN-1670 means that they are suitable for coastal areas.

I must build an exterior door. Do you also have details for this?

FritsJurgens has developed details for both System M+ (Flush) and System One in cooperation with several leading external door producers.

I want invisible frames. Is that also possible with your systems?

No frames are required when using FritsJurgens hinges. The door is completely wedged between the floor and the ceiling.

Can I use thin profiles?

The height of the profile depends on the hinge you use. You can use the inverted top pivot for the top of the door to create as slim a profile as possible.

Do you also have something to protect children's fingers?

No, we do not have specific solutions to protect children's fingers.

Can I replace a System 3 with a System M(+)?

It is possible to replace a System 3 with a System M(+).

The System M(+) slot can be cut over that of System 3. Please note that you must install a different floor plate.

How can your hinge be integrated into my aluminum profile?

FritsJurgens hinges can be used on aluminum.

How can I use a hinge with a glass door?

Since FritsJurgens hinges are integrated into the door and not into the floor, you always need a connection between the hinge and the glass. Consequently, it is not possible to incorporate full glass doors.

How are exterior doors sealed?

We have developed a wonderful set of details for exterior door construction in conjunction with exterior door suppliers.

Are your doors also suitable for PVC doors and windows?

Our products can be used with any material.


What is the difference between a System 3 and a System M?

System M has an opening and closing gate. System 3 does not have these functions.

What is the difference between an M and an M+?

The System M+ gives you even more control over door movement with the addition of 30-degree speed control. The System M+ can also be used on latched doors thanks to the adjustable latch control.

I want a soft close hinge. What system do I need?

The M+ system is best suited for soft-close hinges. In addition to soft closing, this system also has a built-in opening damper and latch control.

What is 360° Speed ​​Control or 30° speed control?

We have developed a 30° speed control to provide even more control over door movement. The adjustment further slows or speeds up the movement of the door from 30 degrees to the closed position.

What is Damper Control or damper control?

Damper Control affects the intensity of the damping as it approaches 90 degrees. This adjustment stiffens or softens the damping as the door approaches the 90-degree locking position.

Note: When setting the damping intensity, you are also setting the closing speed. Strong cushioning slows down closing, soft cushioning means faster closing.

What is Latch control or latch control?

Latch Control is the control over the final step of the gate. If a door is equipped with a lock, you will want it to latch completely.

Therefore, we have designed a configuration in which the last 10 degrees of the closing moment are slightly accelerated, ensuring that the lock closes perfectly.

Can the damping of System 3 hinges be adjusted?

The System 3 is a hinge without damping or soft closing. The hinge opens and closes automatically from 45 degrees. Then, the door continues its movement to find the 90 degree locking position. This feature makes System 3 best suited for 360-degree (center-pivoting) doors.

Do you have something you can easily turn the shaft with without always placing the system on the floor plate and/or removing the door?

Yes, we have a useful tool for this: the Axle Wrench.

Ceiling and floor plates

What floor plate colors does FritsJurgens have?

We have stainless steel and black (PVD) floor plates.

What is the type of adhesive/glue you use to fix the floor plate to the floor?

We use a polymer adhesive: Zettex Strongbond MS 80. This is an elastic permanent adhesive.

Product description

Zettex MS Polymer 80 is a universal adhesive for bonding the most common materials except PE and PP. Zettex MS Polymer 80 can be applied to almost any surface; It is extremely strong and flexible. Thanks to the excellent polymer technology, MS 80 can withstand a tensile strength of 4.5 N/mm2


Zettex MS Polymer 80 is for bonding all metals, types of wood, concrete and natural stone. After installing the door, it is recommended that the adhesive cure for 24 hours in a position on the door where it will not be used.

Delivery format

25ml tube

Properties - Specifications

  • Black
  • Hardness: 80 Shore A
  • Hardening: 4 mm per 24 hours
  • Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C
  • Elongation at Break: 350%
  • Viscosity: 1000 m/pa per second
  • Density g/ml: 1.70
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to +90°C
  • Tensile strength: 4.0 n/mm²

Can I install the floor plate simultaneously with the floor?

FritsJurgens has developed a special floor plate for System M(+): the Flush floor plate.

Note: It is no longer possible to adjust the door radial when using the Flush floor plate. The floor plate of System One and System 3 hinges can always be installed simultaneously with the floor.

Do you have filler plates under the floor plate?

FritsJurgens does not supply filler plates for under the floor plate because different floors and situations require different dimensions.

What conditions must my roof meet?

Your roof must be able to absorb the forces exerted when a pivot door pivots. You can accurately calculate the forces exerted on your roof at /lateral-force-calculator.

Can I put doors on a low ceiling?

The doors can be placed in a lowered ceiling on the condition that there is a construction behind the ceiling to which the ceiling plate can be securely attached.

I have an apartment with underfloor heating. Can I also use your systems?

The FritsJurgens is suitable for combination with underfloor heating. The fact that the floor plate pins only protrude 8 mm from the floor means that FritsJurgens hinges are applicable in any situation.

Which floor plate is ideal for my door?

Each floor plate is suitable for your door. The choice of floor plate is based on door location (interior/exterior) and aesthetics. Floor plates are available in different colors and shapes.

What do we do when the ground is not normal ground?

FritsJurgens offers several options for mounting the floor plate on floors where 2 floors meet, when an aluminum or wooden sill is applied, or if you need to use longer dowels or a chemical anchor.

Installation and adjustments

What should I keep in mind during installation?

To install a door, you need to make sure the opening, floor, and ceiling are prepared. The door is usually placed in the last phase of construction.

What type of drill do I use?

You can use different drills for different types of soil. The drill diameter that we prescribe is indicated in the assembly manuals. A pro tip is a diamond mosaic drill on an angle grinder.

How deep should I drill into the concrete floor?

You only need to drill 8mm into the ground.

My door closes very slowly. What should I do?

You can adjust the closing speed. Use the FritsJurgens tool and fine tuning card for this.

Is it possible to install a power supply in the door?

Yes, we have a special top pivot equipped with a grommet for this.

I have lost my adjustment key. Can I order one?

We can supply the correct tool for door adjustment.

Can a System M/M+ be installed in the center of the door?

Theoretically, System M/M+ can be placed on doors that pivot 360 degrees.

Note: The door has no function between +125 and -125 degrees. Therefore, we recommend placing a stop at 125 degrees.

Can a System 3 hinge be installed on the side?

FritsJurgens recommends only using a System 3 hinge for doors that swing 360 degrees from the center.

As the System 3 does not have an opening damper, there is a risk of the door hitting the wall when opening it.

How is your system installed in combination with cast floors?

In the case of a plaster floor, it is best to use the longer dowels (30 mm) that we supply. You can shorten the length easily if you want. The fact that subfloors (e.g. sand cement) are often slightly porous means that you want the dowels to be firmly secured in the subfloor.

How do you install your system in combination with parquet?

We recommend using the 30 mm long dowels with parquet.

Since the parquet is laid loose (unfastened) and can therefore move slightly, we advise against using only the 8 mm dowels.

How do I install without a laser device?

It is important that the axis/pivot points are exactly perpendicular to each other in the vertical plane. This can be done with a plumb line or, if the frame is 100 percent rectangular, by measuring.

Specifications and doors

What are the acoustic characteristics?

The noise reduction (dB value) of a door is related to the composition and mass of the entire door, not just the FritsJurgens hinge.

For example, a noise leak can be caused by pivot seams. For this you could use a sealing brush or profiles.

Can your products be used on Schûco, Reynaers, Janssen or Foster profiles?

FritsJurgens products can be used in these system casings. FritsJurgens works intensively with all these suppliers to jointly develop profiles for FritsJurgens pivot hinges.

Do you also have REVIT (BIM) models?

Yes, we do have REVIT (BIM) models.

What do we do when my pivot point is more than 230mm from the side of the door?

In that case, you will need a tool called Hexagon Guide.

This accessory guide helps create a durable frame at the top of the door that helps the Allen/Hexagon wrench reach the spindle and set screws on the top pivot.

I want to run the post adjustment, but I don't have the right tools.

We can supply the correct tool for door adjustment.

Can I also convert my existing door (single side swing) to a pivot door?

It is almost never possible to convert an existing door to a pivot door. Your existing door does not have the correct dimensions to convert to a pivot door in view of the fact that your door currently pivots on a frame.

Are your hinges certified for fire resistance?

FritsJurgens hinges can be used on doors that must be closed in the event of a fire. FritsJurgens supplies self-closing systems for this purpose, without a 90 degree locking position.

What is the degree of corrosion resistance?

FritsJurgens hinges are tested in accordance with EN-1670 and are classified in the highest corrosion resistance category (category 5).

Can FritsJurgens products be used on fire doors?

FritsJurgens hinges can be used for doors that always need to be closed again. FritsJurgens supplies systems without a 90 degree locking position.

What is the minimum and maximum temperature range of the systems?

The temperature range is between -10°C and 40°C.

Do your doors comply with EN1154/BHMA?

The emphasis with FritsJurgens is on the door experience. The elegance of the opening and closing movement cannot be summarized in a certification like EN1154.

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