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System 3 with Top Pivot Reverse

System 3 with Top Pivot Reverse

360° revolving doors

The FritsJurgens System 3 has three functions: rotation, closing and locking positions. The hinge allows the door to complete one full rotation and lock at each quarter circle.


Thanks to the innovative design of System 3, a light touch is enough to move the door. Rotation is ensured by the patented spring structure.

From 45˚ onwards, the braked door automatically rotates in both directions towards the next locking position, and reaches the programmed position with just two oscillations.

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360° rotation

System 3 allows you to rotate all around, while maintaining features like auto-lock and detent positions.

Automatic closing and detent positions

From every 45° angle, System 3 automatically rotates to its detent positions at 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°.

pivot walls

360° rotation combined with self-closing and holding positions are ideal features for pivoting walls.

  • Ceiling Plates

    The ceiling plate is installed into the ceiling, where the spindle of the top hinge fits snugly into the hole in the ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is available in two finishes: brushed stainless steel and black.

  • Top Hinge

    The top hinge is as close to the side of the door as possible. It uses a so-called pinhole connection, in which the spindle is attached to the top hinge and enters the hole in the ceiling plate when the door is attached.

    FritsJurgens offers two types of top hinges: Regular Top Hinge and Cable Grommet Top Hinge.

  • Lower Pivot

    The bottom pivot is the pivot mechanism and driver of the pivot door and is installed at the bottom of the door. Therefore, the pivot mechanism is virtually invisible. FritsJurgens lower pivots have a load capacity for pivot doors of up to 500 Kg.

  • Pavement Plates

    Each FritsJurgens floor plate is mounted 8 mm from the floor. This is sufficient for almost all floor types and allows FritsJurgens hinges to be combined with underfloor heating.

    There are two paving slab designs available for System 3.

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  • System 3

    System Specifications

    • Types: System 3 - class AA | System 3 - class C | System 3 - class E | System 3 - class G
    • Dimensions: 160 x 32 x 143mm
    • Weight: 0.75 Kg
    • Material: Stainless steel | Anodized aluminum
    • Corrosion resistant: EN 1670 – class 5 (standard: 0-5)

    Door Specifications

    • Door movement: Two directions | 360° Rotation
    • Locking positions: Locking positions 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º
    • Weight capacity: 40 - 350 kg
    • Door thickness: 1000 - 3800 mm
    • Door height: Unlimited
    • Pivot Point: Medium
    • Min. door thickness: 40mm
    • Top space: 4-10mm
    • Bottom space: 13mm
    • Door Movement: The door moves from each 45º angle, in both directions, to a locked position.
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