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Schall-Ex L-15/30 WS Pivot Seal for Pivot Doors - Length 1708 mm

Schall-Ex L-15/30 WS Pivot Seal for Pivot Doors - Length 1708 mm

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Traditions that unite, innovations that change.

Athmer is the world's leading specialist in the development and manufacture of automatic drop sealing and finger protection systems.

Our products have proven themselves millions of times in buildings around the world. The combination of experience, competence and quality allows for permanent development of the product range. With the most complete range, athmer covers almost all applications.


The synonym for automatic door seals.

The Schall-Ex® is the classic automatic seal. Thanks to the adjustable, tool-free sliding release, time is saved during assembly.


  • Seal for Pivot Doors - L15/30 WS Length 1708 mm
  • Suitable for single-acting pivot doors
  • Top and bottom sealing
  • Includes magnetic sealing profile


  • sound protection
  • Smoke protection
  • Fire protection
  • Accessibility

Application area

  • Inside Door
  • Exterior Door


  • Hinged Door
  • Swing Door

Door Material

  • Wood

Technical data

Broad 15mm
Height 30mm
Min. Delivery Length 235mm
Max. Delivery Length 2000mm
Default Length 833mm
travel 20mm
performance Single-sided
Actuator Roll actuator
Exterior Profile Aluminum
Plate finish
Material sealing profile Silicone, self-extinguishing

Additional Information

  • It can be cut up to a maximum of 90 mm.


Data sheet

Assembly instructions

Technical drawing

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