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System M with Top Pivot Reverse

System M with Top Pivot Reverse

The System M is a pivoting self-closing system and offers adjustable soft closing and hydraulic recoil control.

System M for all pivot doors

This top hinge is a true all-rounder. Its ability to position the system 70mm from the side of the door reduces footprint while retaining beautiful, distinctive pivot door movement. This top pivot can be installed in any position between 70mm and the center of the door and is suitable for all FritsJurgens pivot systems.

Pivot point: Flexible from 70 mm
Top hinges: 70mm, Reversed and Cable Grommet

System M for maximum free widths

Thanks to the pivot point fixed at 40 mm, this top hinge makes the most of any space. The upper pivot is as close to the side of the door as possible. All available space is used and the free opening is as large as possible. In the open position, the pivoting door is also minimally present. This is ideal for situations where a standard door width must be retained. This top pivot is ADA compliant.

Pivot point: Fixed at 40mm
Top hinges: 40mm
Finishes: Stainless steel and black

System M comes in 4 different types, all designed specifically for the weight and dimensions of your pivot door. Find out which type you should order for your pivot door.

System M Class AA, System M Class A, System M Class B, System M Class C

All FritsJurgens pivot hinges can be milled and installed quickly and easily. On-premise, installation takes only about 30 minutes.

In both new and retrofit situations, installation is performed in four steps: mounting the floor plate, mounting the ceiling plate, installing the door, and adjusting the door.

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controlled door movement

Thanks to Damper Control, the System M has an adjustable soft close and a hydraulic recoil control to allow fluid movement of the door.

Self-closing and retention positions

System M is self-closing and has detent positions at every 90° angle. In this way, you determine the spatial impact of the door.

Single and double movement doors

System M is suitable for almost all types of pivot doors. Single or double movement, interior and exterior, with or without frames.

  • ceiling plates

    The ceiling plate is installed into the ceiling, where the spindle of the top hinge fits snugly into the hole in the ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is available in two finishes: brushed stainless steel and black.

  • Top Hinge

    The top hinge is as close to the side of the door as possible. It uses a so-called pinhole connection, in which the spindle is attached to the top hinge and enters the hole in the ceiling plate when the door is attached.

    FritsJurgens offers two types of top hinges: Regular Top Hinge and Cable Grommet Top Hinge.

  • Lower Pivot

    The bottom pivot is the pivot mechanism and driver of the pivot door and is installed at the bottom of the door. Therefore, the pivot mechanism is virtually invisible. FritsJurgens lower pivots have a load capacity for pivot doors of up to 500 Kg.

  • Pavement Plates

    Each FritsJurgens paving slab is mounted 8 mm from the paving. This is sufficient for almost all floor types and allows FritsJurgens hinges to be combined with underfloor heating. Two longer and shortenable 30mm floor plate spindles are included with the rectangular floor plate designs.

    There are several floor tiles available for the System M.

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  • SystemM

    System Specifications

    • Dimensions: 294.8 x 32 x 99.6mm
    • Weight: 2.6kg
    • Material: Stainless steel | Anodized aluminum
    • Corrosion resistant: EN 1670 - class 5 (standard: 0-5)
    • Types: 4 types, weight class AA - C

    Door Specifications

    • Door operation: One and Two ways
    • Weight capacity: Between 20 and 210 Kg
    • Min. door thickness: 40 mm
    • Door thickness: 400 to 4400 mm
    • Top space: 4 - 10 mm
    • Bottom space: 11mm
    • Locking positions: 90°, -90° and 0°


    • Free Swing: N/a
    • Damper Control: Yes
    • 30° Speed ​​Control: N/a
    • Latch Control: N/a

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